Can a section layout be created from a cross section image?

I created a new cross section from image using a seismic image. I want to be able to create a section layout using that cross section and have the seismic image scaled appropriately so that drill holes can be projected onto the seismic image/section layout but the seismic image doesn't show up on the layout. Is there a way to do this? The only way I see I can add an image is under comments as a static (unscaled) image. 


  • DavidWatkins
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    Thanks for the feedback @ChristineDevine,

    I will add a feature request for that functionality on your behalf.

    The only workaround that I can think of is to view both the image and section layout in the 3D scene and then create a cross section to limit the data shown and render the scene to an image. Not the most elegant solution but perhaps a stop-gap solution to get what you need for the meantime.

  • I'd also like to include geophysical data in section views so keen to 'upvote' this functionality request.
  • DavidWatkins
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    Upvote added to the feature request @MichaelBlakely. Thanks for the feedback!