Importing Sub-Block Model as Octree

We receive csv files from a consultant and they have recently started sending us unregularized block models. 
Using the update with the Octree import, can I import these unregularized block models into my Leapfrog EDGE?
I think the only catch is the csv needs to have the block size coded along with the block centroid. I wanted to ask the community before I start asking for tweaks to a deliverable. Thanks


  • DavidWatkins
    DavidWatkins Posts: 48 mod
    Hi @MichaelDeVasto1,

    Yes, you will need the both the block centroids and the block sizes to be present in csv that you want to import into the new octree format. The imported sub-blocks will also need to be in equal 1/2 sub-divisions to correctly fit into an octree, although you can have different levels of sub-division per block model axis.

    For interest we are busy working on further improving the octree tree performance, size and csv importing experience for the 2021 year-end release. This will make it even easier to import csv's in the future as the importer will then be able to:
    - Show the centroids in scene when creating the octree block model,
    - Show the percentage of centroids falling within octree blocks, 
    - Automatically provide the user information on the range of blocks sizes present in a csv,
    ... and more.

    However, the importer is fully functional as it currently is in the 2021.1 release. You can also sanity check the imported data by first importing the centroids as points, filtering the points to isolate parent blocks, then using these points to check that the containing model is correctly located with respect to data locations.

    I hope that helps,