How to gat the sub-block index as metadata

Is there a way to get the sub-block index as metadata. When clicking on a sub-block the index appear in the info window but not as metadata.    

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  • DavidWatkins
    DavidWatkins Posts: 48 mod
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    Thanks for the feedback @GillesRoy,

    I have added your comments and vote against the BM index metdata feature request. 

    For interest we will be adding trigonometry functions to calculations for the 2021 year-end release, so you may be able to apply those to your CRL calculations for rotated block models as a work around.



  • DavidWatkins
    DavidWatkins Posts: 48 mod
    Hi @GillesRoy,

    How would you like to use the sub-block index values in your calculations or filters? We might be able to suggest an alternative if we understand the expected outcome.

  • GillesRoy
    GillesRoy Posts: 2
    Hi David, I want to export a BM result to an external software. Block must be 3x3x3 . The import is done using the C R L,  it did not work using the block centroid XYZ. BM at 3x3x3 is a +90M cell model. In LF i built a 12X12X12 (best according to KNA) with sub-block 3X3X3. I am able to tag the LF 12X12X12  with fake calculated C R L that fit the  3X3x3. But I can only do that for a no rotation BM, the BM is rotated to 315 deg.  So I need the sub-block index to calculate a C R L  out of a 12X12X12 sub-block model that match a 3x3x3 model.