Exporting/Extracting Multiple Unclipped Meshes from a Geological Model


Does anyone else have this problem? I think this would be a great (and hopefully simple) change to Leapfrog Geo!

Extracting or exporting multiple unclipped surfaces from geological models. Currently to extract an unclipped surface you have to do it individually as the "Extract clipped mesh" tick box is only available there and not in any other menu or option for extracting meshes.

This would be a GAME CHANGER for me as I regularly have to extract over 100 surfaces - and to do this individually is painful and increases the risk of mistakes.


  • AlastairMarks
    yes this would be a great improvement
  • BlairRobertson
    I agree, this would reduce error and would save time
  • TysonMunns
    TysonMunns Posts: 1
    great initiative
  • ThomasWalton
    Yes, completely agree.  Multiple unclipped exports would be hugely beneficial for my projects.
  • BojanColak
    BojanColak Posts: 1
    Would definitely be both, a great addition to Leapfrog Geo export capability as well as a massive time saver for me! #winwin