Borehole Collar File Not Showing up

Hi I have imported topography and all was fine. I built a collar file and interval file in the same coordinate system as the topography and my collar file will not display any data in the scene. Thoughts?


  • RebeccaInnes
    RebeccaInnes Posts: 9 mod
    Hi Earl, 
    I just wanted to understand your problem a little better. 
    If you can't see the data in the scene then there is either something wrong with the data itself, or some issue with the view you have of your data in the scene.
    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Does your collar file have any errors on the table or columns (are there red Xs on the icons)? You can right-click on the table and Fix Errors to see if there are issues.
    2. Do any of your columns have a little <Empty> tag on them if you expand them in the tree? Try and change the Display Colour to Flat Colour to see if the points are plotting at all. 
    3. Would you be able to go to the Leapfrog > Settings menu and tick to show the Axis Lines and Show whole box and then look at your data in the scene?  If your box is very big it might indicate an outlier/typo in your collar coordinates which would make it hard to see in the scene.

    Any pictures you could show of your collar table in the tree, your Fix Errors window and your scene of the not-showing data would all be helpful for trouble-shooting this