Bulk export younger surface vertices from GMs?

Is there a way to get the younger surface vertices from GM output volumes easily?

Due to circumstances out of my control, I need to export the vertices of the younger surfaces of output volumes from my geological model. Right now I do this in two steps for each surface: extract younger surface mesh, then extract vertices.

I've 19 surfaces, so this gets old very quickly. Is there some way to export the vertices in bulk?



  • MichaelDeVasto1
    Charles - I took a quick look into this and I don't believe this is a plausible workflow.

    There may be a path once the solid is extracted as a mesh, boolean the meshes together, then export mesh parts but two problems with this - 1) you'll probably end up doing an almost equal amount of clicking. 2) If you need vertices from the younger surfaces than mesh workflow won't work as you can only export younger surfaces as mesh then you'll need to extract vertices.

    If you're ultimately work product is outside of leapfrog, you could try to import all the meshes into ArcMap and run a batch process to extract points from a TIN. Again, super clunky, but just some thoughts.