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Dear Leapfrog community,
I am very happy being able to set volume attributes to my geological model in Leapfrog Works. However, I am confronted to the question concerning using the Leapfrog model as a comprehensive geological database.
Is it possible to attach pdf reports (drilling core profiles, lab tests, interpretations...) to borehole data and/or the geological model? I am aware that there is the possibility to implement a link to drilling core photos for certain software products but I could not find a way to link a pdf file. I was thinking about implementing an URL to the server/sharepoint location but I assume this wont be recognized as a direkt link. And this approach wont be very long-lasting as the saving location may change.
Ideally, the pdf would be implemented in the Leapfrog file itself.

Do you have any other ideas or is this maybe planned for a future release?



  • DavidWatkins
    DavidWatkins Posts: 48 mod
    Hi @ThomasStrauhal,

    Thank you for comments. There is currently nothing on the Leapfrog roadmap around embedding of supporting documents directly into Leapfrog objects.

    However, you are able to create file URL links to documents or files and then import those links into your drillhole tables. For example in my collar table below I have created and imported a file URL link to a drillhole log .pdf and the file can be opened from within Leapfrog from the open table view as well as from the scene properties dialog.

    You can also read this support post and guide attached to it for more information.

    I hope that helps.