Excessive Waiting - Mesh Selection

Hey guys,

I'm creating 47 standardized GM's (copy/paste from a single source) for resource classification. These GMs are based on externally extruded wireframes loaded in my Mesh folder.

When I create the intrusion, based on surface, and click to select data (image below) it takes 1m30s only to display the available meshes (for each GM, I need 4 clicks there). In other smaller projects, this is instantaneous (but my current proj has 130gb, lots of meshes, block model, estimators, etc)

The result will be 5h26m of of work where there are 4h42m of pure waiting versus 44m of actively selecting meshes/defining litho/chronology. It's a difference of a quick sprint and a whole afternoon.
I know it does not seem like a big deal, but this is a sample of the problem, as we faced similar waiting while creating hundreds of estimators, variable orientation surfaces and other processes. And all of this waiting is doubled as we are implementing this same workflow for another neighbor project.

Is this something already detected? Is there any kind of future optimization in terms of displaying the meshes list (and other objects)?

Thanks in advance!


  • DavidWatkins
    DavidWatkins Posts: 48 mod
    Hi @DhanielCarvalho,

    We have made some improvements to processing and dialog loading speed which should hopefully assist in reducing your time spent selecting meshes. We will also be releasing a new tool in the upcoming release that allows groups of meshes to be evaluated directly onto block models without the need to first create a GM, which may also potentially be a big time saver depending on your workflow.