Leapfrog Geo Exports to Rocscience products

Does anyone know of a way to export dxf's from LF Geo to be used in Slide 2D (RocScience). I have tried to create cross section, evaluated against the GM and then exported that as a DXF but for some reason the exported DXF comes with with incorrect orientation (N-S rather than E-W).

Also on the same topic, while you create cross section and evaluate against the GM and also evaluate against the Meshes. You cannot export the Meshes as a DXF and only the volumes from the GM. Is there a way to export all evaluations on a X-section?


  • jasonMcIntosh
    jasonMcIntosh Posts: 7 Staff
    Hi there,

    Are you using the 2D analysis export options? Or Are you exporting the section dxf in 3D space?

    At the moment you cannot export the surface and GM evaluations to the same dxf unfortunately. We know we need to enable this functionality, we have it on our backlog. But there are many things to do! So we won't have that functionality in the next release sorry. For now I believe you can import the surface line dxf as a separate file after you have import the GM evaluation dxf.