Gridding in Oasis Montaj for Bouguer anomaly contour maps

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I have a fairly large dataset (data points that are distributed over the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia) and I need to create Bouguer anomaly contour maps. 
I've already divided the dataset in sub-regions, but when I do the gridding in Oasis Montaj, the sub-regions are still too big in order to see the changes in gravity around the data points of the dataset. Is there an easier way to do this in Oasis Montaj? For instance, could I create a giant map and have the gridding be done automatically as I zoom in to different regions of the map?

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    Hi @bdaoust I don't think that you can do anything different with the gridding to change this. What I think you might want to use is a map display option called "Auto recolour grids", which will recolour a grid according to the range of data that is currently displayed on the map, so if you zoom into an area of a map, the colour ramp will be mapped to the range of the data that is displayed in the area. 

    The examples below highlight this feature. In the first image, I have zoomed into an area of my map where the grid values are quite similar. In the second image, I am zoomed into the same area but have turned on the "auto recolour grids" option (highlighted on the map toolbar). As you can see, the recoloring of the grid to the displayed data makes it much easier to see the subtle variations in the data values in this area. 

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