Adding block models in cross sections for PDF export

I have a project where I want to print a series of sections at 50m offsets using the "Cross Sections and Contours". The sections need to show a block model, which seems to make the whole process 10 times slower than expected...

#1 it seems you can only evaluate a block model against sections made individually, not against sections made as a sequence, so I have to specify each section's extents one by one. #2 there is a limit on the number of blocks that can be evaluated in a section which means I need to zoom in and make 2 sections where I only planned to make 1. #3 when I've made my 10 to 15 sections it then takes 15 minutes to batch export them to a PDF.

On the scale of mining projects this is not a massive area - say 700x450x300 m with blocks 5x5x2.5 m.

Anyone got any workarounds or can suggest where I'm going wrong?