I was wondering whether anyone has tried and successfully accomplished using a mesh built outside of a geological model to build a confining volume to clip veins within an intrusive. 

I built an intrusive in one model and exported the final surface as a Leapfrog mesh.  I had built a series of sheeted veins in a separate geological model and thought I could save time by using the already built mesh from the previous model.

Leapfrog does not appear to recognize the mesh as a part of the modeling process.

It seems like such a simple and important ability to import a pre built mesh and integrate it into the GM, but either I am missing something or it cannot be done?

Any ideas greatly appreciated?   


    I am guessing my question/request is either stupid (maybe you can do this but no one wants to offer the solution of where to find it) or this community discussion board is totally uninterested in suggesting anything.
  • RachelMurtagh
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    @ANDREWABRAHAM on the face of it, this is something you should be able to do. How are you trying to clip the veins? Using a lateral extent on the GM or something else? 

    Often we do find users have issues with things like coincident triangles or co-planer triangles when they build an entire GM from imported meshes, however from how I interpret your issue, this is not the workflow you're trying to accomplish. I think there's a bit of troubleshooting we need to work through. If you would like me to follow up directly, the quickest way for me to understand what's going on is for you to send me a couple of screen caps of your GM and if possible send me the mesh file you are trying to import and use. My email is (I'm in NZ so allow for time zone delay).

    You can of course, contact your local support here and have a chat with them.

    Thanks Rachel  I have moved around the issue but want to figure it out and will get back to you
  • FrancineFallara
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    Andrew, your point is very important. I always import meshes from other modelling platforms when they exist in my working area. I use them as higher precision 'guidelines' to my GM. These meshes can be tansformed as points; i.e. these points can be used as added constraints to our resulting surfaces and 3D volumes. To have good and precise implicit models is to add as much data as we can to constrain the interpolation of the processes. The best way is using an hybrid 3D implicit-explit geological modelling approach. This ensures your model respects both the 2D and 3D data available within your study area. Hope this helps.
  • MichaelJMunroe
    If I understand the problem correctly, you could create a new object in the geologic model with the veins by creating a new intrusion using any mesh you want. Then order everything in the chronology to get the desired effects.