Import *.ifc BIM-format into Leapfrog Works?

Is it possible to import ifc data (BIM format) into Leapfrog Works? I know you can export into ifc but not sure about the import.


  • jasonMcIntosh
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    Hi Ferdinand, 

    It's not possible to import IFC data into Leapfrog Works at the moment. However, we are looking at enabling this at some point in the future, for now the best options are dwg, dxf and dgn. 

  • Hi Jason 
    Are you able to specify, when this "point in the future" might be? 
    Thanks and Cheers
  • ChristianHofmann
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    bumping this to raise attention. It's very important to actually work on complex geotechnical problems.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi, I would also like to raise this issue. To import ifc-designs would be excellent. Any update on a timeline for implementation?
    Kind regards, Ulrich
  • Are there any news for this requirement? 
  • RachelMurtagh
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    Hi there! 

    No update at this time, however I will add your "votes" for this request to our feedback system.
  • Please also consider my vote for the request. Thank you!
  •  You can export them but not import them so I'd also like to see this
  • JoLa
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    Consider my comment also as vote for this feature
  • Consider my comment also as vote for this feature.

    Kind regards,

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    Please add another vote for me.
  • [Deleted User]
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    Will do @KelvinNg
  • Hi, how is the ifc-import coming for designs? It is heavily needed as its the natural format now in all our BIM projects.
  • Any updates on importing .ifc files into leapfrog



  • Please also consider my vote.