v 6.0 graphics behaviour

Has anyone else experienced what looks like 3D graphics rendering issues in v6.0? The same project that looked fine pre-upgrade now shows drillholes extending through surfaces when viewed from one direction, only to disappear when rotated into a near section view. Extremely annoying when trying to validate/ edit surfaces in 3D. see picture below for example.


  • I have the same problem in v2021.1.2
  • @JamesLally Could you please send a request through to [email protected] they will be able to assist you with this and identify any issues present.
  • I did resolve this, the behaviour manifests when the project extents were larger than the area being viewed. In my case I had reloaded drillholes that included new data well outside the mine area i was looking at. Applying a collar spatial filter fixed the display. However, I do feel that the problem shouldn't exist in the first place
  • Thanks James, I had the same issue when viewing drillholes, but my problem was when I loaded new structural points and one was well beyond the extents of my model. You saved me the headache of going through the support request.