Ignoring faults in certain (soft rock) lithologies

I am modeling a geological situation in Leapfrog Works 4.0 with several faults, an alpine sedimentary (hard rock) sequence and some small scale soft rock cover (moraine and swamp sediments). As some of the faults also cut through areas wit soft rock cover, the faults do affect also these lithologies.

Is it possible to somehow ignore faults for specific lithologies, end faults against surfaces or implementing a combined chronology with lithologies and faults?


  • TomSant
    TomSant Posts: 1
    I have the same issue, modelling a faulted area with a post-faulting glacier on top of it. The glacier needs to be included in the model as a rock volume but obviously the faults shouldn't cut the glacier. A combined chronology with lithos and faults would be perfect.
  • zhenzhang
    you need to use boundary filter set to off for that surface.