Borehole water tables (points) in cross section layout

Hi all,
currently I have imported borehole water tables as points into Leapfrog. As far as I know, there is no possibility to visualize them in a fence section layout. Is this correct? Does anyone know a bypass solution? Currently the only way would be to visualize them as intervalls (i.e. saturated and unsaturated) but that would mean some effort.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


  • Hi Thomas,
    Here's what I came up with: change the points table to an interval table with very narrow intervals at your water level (e.g. from 16 to 16.001).  Then  calculate z-value of the midpoint for your water level elevation, and "label" the interval in cross section view.  It's not exactly pretty, but it works.  

  • Thats a great idea! And it is much better (and less work) than the saturated/unsaturated approach. Thanks a lot! Really appreciated