Enhancements to Geo

Just  a couple of minor enhancement suggestions for Geo which would help visualization and looking through lots of layers:

1. Allow points to be optionally displayed as various symbols  (squares, triangles etc), ideally linked to point numerics/categories etc. I understand that this is not straightforward in 3D but to allow the symbol to point in  a default direction (ie plan, N, E etc) would be great.  
2. There are instances when clicking on a mesh (draped image but made translucent) that focus is not put on the relevant item in the shape list, this would be useful when viewing a big project with several images where you may wish to switch on/off change translucency frequently.

Finally: Great Job on Version 6!




  • RachelMurtagh
    RachelMurtagh Posts: 35 admin
    Hi John, 

    Thanks for your post and kind comments. 

    I've added your request to our request system but for your second point I think this could be a bug. I'm going to forward point 2. through to our support team so they can investigate. 

    Take care & have a good Christmas.