Developing an open pit quarry for Leapfrog Geo


I'm wondering if there is a software program that works easily with Leapfrog that can generate an open quarry pit quarry, based on the surfaces generated in Leapfrog? Basically we want to be able to export our geological model to another software program, draw a quarry around the unit we want to extract, and import that surface back into Leapfrog to generate volumes and resource estimation. We've tried in civil 3D but seems to be cumbersome process, and it has a hard time dealing with the surfaces exported from Leapfrog. I see is some of the Leapfrog tutorials nice quarry surfaces but no explanation of how they're developed. 




  • JonathanOliver
    I should also add, this is for a gypsum deposit. We are attempting to work around around anhydrite.