MVI Vectors - viewing

Any recommendations for viewing the MVI vectors?  I know the Ternary plot is a good way but when each vector has nearly equal positive and negative amplitudes, is the Ternary plot still a valid view?  Or do you recommend some additional processing on the vectors prior to the Ternary plot?  


  • AlexCostall1
    Ternary plots are a good idea! We'd been viewing as scalars of Amplitude, Eproj and Eperp otherwise... not ideal!
  • ElizabethBaranyi2
    If you  export  the MVI solution straight out of VOXI to a 3D View through the contextual right-mouse-button menu you will get it displayed in a vector representation.
    The use of vectors allows to capture both the direction and magnitude and as a result regardless of if the magnitude of the 3 components is the same the result is still clear.
    To view an MVI vector voxel  in 3D, in the 3D Viewer under Add to 3D  you can select Vector Voxel
    If you are interested in a single layer you can clip the 3D Vector to a single layer as in the illustration.