Display 2D GM-SYS profiles in 3D (Fence diagram)


I have a number of 2D GM-SYS gravity profiles, some of which cross eachother. I'd like to display them all in 3D so the spatial relationship between them can be seen, as a fence diagram, like this:

Can Oasis do that? I can extract horizons to geostring and display that, but that just outlines every block in a single colour, without fill, labels, etc.



  • TomPopowski1
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    Hi Alistair,
    You have a couple of options for this, although neither of them are purpose-built.
    1. You can generate a vertical grid of density (or other property) from Compute > Calculate Vertical Grids... The grid will be automatically georeferenced in 3D. If you generate all of your density sections from the models first, and then load them into the 3D view together, you have the option of assigning a colour zone file or ITR so that they are all coloured identically.
    2. If you want specific colours for your units, plus labels and other niceties if you like, you can print each model using the Raster driver, then manually georeference the resulting section images.
    >> In the Print Setup, you can set the paper dimension of the other panes to zero and enlarge the depth section to fill the "page". I also blanked the titles.
    >> You will need to know the true X,Y,Z coordinates of two points in the section; I recommend the model origin and some point near the other end of the profile and near the base of the model. You will then use these to georeference the section image (Section Tools > Georeference Section Image(s).... Again, if you have your images "printed" and the coordinate information, it is relatively easier to georeference them all at once.
    >> Then display the sections in the 3D view.

    The first option is far easier, but not very slick looking. The second has more potential, but is more tedious and finicky. Let me know what you think!

  • AlistairStronach
    Hi Tom,

    Sorry forgot to reply - but I ended up taking screenshots and georeferencing those. A bit painful yes, but end result was not bad! Cheers.