List of channels in a database

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I'm looking for advice on how to get a list of the channel names in a database - using C++ in a standalone application.

Thanks in anticipation!


  • Hi Brian,

    Did you found the solution?

    On my side, I'm using .NET library directly in Montaj. It's not the same as C++ but it must very look like:

    //Create a Database and List object
    CDB db = CDB.Open("[database name.gdb]", "SUPER", "");
    CLST list_of_channels = CLST.Create(db.iChansMax());

    //Load channels in list

    //Iterate through list object to extract channels name
    for(int i = 0; i < list_of_channels.iSize(); i++)
    //Load the item name in tmp, LST_ITEMConstant.VALUE is an integer representing the channel type
    string tmp = "";
    list_of_channels.GtItem(LST_ITEMConstant.NAME, i, ref tmp);


    // Don't forget to dispose your objects
  • That's great - thanks Guillaume. I've managed to get something similar working. Brian