The old forum was so much better.

It had to be said.


  • Have to agree Ramon. There's still activity on the leapfrog3d forum, so what's happening - is it being retired, and if so will all the threads be moved over here?
  • Hi Ramón and James,

    Thank you for your feedback. MySeequent and the new forums hosted on it are a work in process and you can expect to see many changes and improvements over time. However, it would be great to hear directly from you our users on what you miss from the old forum so that we can try make the new one just as good! What specifically would you like to see added or changed to this new forum?

    In regards to the old Leapfrog3D forum, there are plans in place to retire it shortly and migrate the existing discussions across to this new forum.

  • I agree also. Lost my profile, all my bookmarks, and the content is gone too.
  • Also agree.
    Does anyone maybe have a screenshot of the old forum?