Convert geosurface file to grid?


Put simply, how/can I do this?

Reason is I want to wireframe a 3D model from a series of 2D GM-SYS profiles, then use this as a starting model for a 3D gravity inversion. However GM-SYS 3D only accepts grid files as input for layers, and so far as I can see wireframed surfaces can only be output from the 3D viewer as geosurface files.

I know you can extract sections from GM-SYS 3D to edit in 2D and then update the 3D model, so it seems very odd if you can't start from 2D models and work forward..



  • TomPopowski1
    TomPopowski1 Posts: 8 mod
    Hi Alistair,

    You are correct that GM-SYS 3D doesn't accept surfaces to define the layers. However, you can extract the horizons from a suite of GM-SYS 2D profiles to a database, then grid each channel to produce the layers for GM-SYS 3D. GM-SYS Profile menu > Extract Horizons to Database...

  • AlistairStronach
    Thanks Tom, sounds rather roundabout but yes makes sense, hadn't thought of that. I'll give it a go!
  • AlistairStronach
    Hi, yep that works reasonably well. But I've found another issue - when extracting horizons to database (and to geostring as well) the horizons are only sampled as far as the gravity stations. Some 2D models need to extend a fair way past the stations, and the whole length should be sampled.

    This seems to be the case even when sampling location is set to "model profile". Any way to make it actually sample the whole length of the profile?