Populate "Without-Value" with an Average Grade

can someone tell me how to populate blocks that have not estimated (without-value) with an average grade, and also applying a code so that it is obvious that the grades are just applied averages.


  • RebeccaInnes1
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    Hi Howard,
    This is possible through Calculated Columns & Filters using the Edge extension.

    How to populate blocks that have not been estimated
    1. Ensure that your estimator is evaluated on your chosen block model/ sub-blocked model.

    2. Open Calculated Columns and make a new numeric item.

    3. Make an IF statement by typing 'IF' and then hitting the space bar, or by choosing it from the Statements list.

    4. We will now need an average value to use for the not-estimated blocks.
      Leapfrog does not have a dynamic calculated average value option, so you can either use a different estimator column, or used the flat average for the estimator.
      The average for the whole column can be found by right-clicking on the estimator evaluation and viewing the Statistics > Mean.

    5. Now we want to write a statement that says if is the status is normal then keep the estimated value, but if the status is without-value, to replace this with an average grade value. There are several ways to do this, but I like to make mine quite specific, so that you can add to it for different statuses later.

      For the first line, we want to specify what happens if there is an estimated value.

    6. Next, we want to add in another row to specify what happens if there is a without-value status. To do this we need to add in an extra line to the statement.
      Click in the results line and select the button to insert a new line.

    7. For this line we will add a similar statement to specify the Without-value result.

    8. Then, for the other statuses we want to have no value recorded, so we will specify that everything else is 'outside'.

    To code the blocks to show that grades are applied averages

    Once we have the first statement, we can easily copy and modify it for a coded column.
    1. Create a New Item and choose a Category calculation.

    2. Highlight all of the text in the numeric statement we made so it is all orange. Ctrl+C to copy it.

    3. Click in the new category calculation and Ctrl+V to paste into it.

    4. Now we want to change the results so they are category results instead of numeric.
      You can choose whatever you want for the codes, as long as they are bounded by inverted commas or quotation marks to specify that they are a text output. I have kept the other statuses as outside so that they still don't return a value.

    The end result is a block model with two calculated columns:

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have any follow-up questions!
    -Bec :smile: