Geosoft - Target for ArcMAP 9.8

Hi All, I am wondering how many of you Target for ArcMap users have migrated to v9.8. I made the switch last week and have had some issues. Wondering if others have different or similar experiences? I am using ArcMap 10.7.1 and after upgrading to Geosoft 9.8 have now lost the ability to view voxels (rendering / memory error messages) AND when the 'Start Wireframing' process begins the wireframe tools do not appear. This has occurred on 2 different machines (desktop and laptop) running Windows 7 and Windows 10 each with different video cards (AMD and NVIDEA).

Would like to hear if others have made the switch to v9.8 and what the experiences were like. Maybe to give me hope a solution can be found.

Thanks for any input,



  • DennisDoulos
    Success viewing voxels and problem resolved, thank you Geosoft support Taylor & Sara!! The problem was the voxel created was too large - not in file size but in X/Y dimensions. As there were a few data points several kms outside of the main area of interest. The null cells in between the main body and the outlier data points that compose the majority of the voxel consumed a lot of computing power and therefor was causing the rendering and memory issues. So moral of the story - keep your voxels slim n trim :) or bulk up on the video card RAM.