trouble creating new menu items?

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I am currently working with Geosoft oasis montaj 9.8 and Python 3.7.3 extension. I am a student beginner in programming, and I am hoping to automate some gridding steps for a project, but first I’d like to add/customize a few menu items. Many of the manuals I’ve looked at mention a "GX menu"/"Load Menu" dropdown list where you can load new menu items, but it is not one of the default menus on my version, and I cannot find the .omn file for it where it should be located. I'm not sure how I can load any new .omn files without it (seems like the first step)

I’m also having trouble figuring out how to customize .omn files so I can make personal menu items, I can’t seem to find this information online and Geosoft support suggested I post in this forum. If anyone could give me some tips that would be great!



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    Hi @TeaganLarsen1. The menus were changed in the latest release version 9.8. There is no longer a GX menu or Settings menu.

    Load menu is under: Project > Manage Menus.

    Once you've created a custom OMN (menu) file, in the Manage Menus list, it should appear under "User Menus".

    The other thing that has changed is the location where you will save the custom OMN file. The new location is:

    C:\Users\{{User}}\Documents\Geosoft\Desktop Applications 9\omn

    This is the new location of the User folder where most of your custom files need to be saved.

    The best method to create a custom menu in my experience is to find an existing menu that you want to mimic, and make a copy then change the items. There is some additional info in the help files here:

    Adding custom menus