Geosoft Plug-in For ArcMap. *geotmp.maptmp

I use the Geosoft plugin for Arcmap to read the archive *.map. When accessing a Packed map, the source file is unpacked and overwritten. If I close the directory with the archive from writing, the plugin works with an error. This is because a temporary file (*geotmp.maptmp) is created next to the map file. How do I change the path to a temporary file? There is no corresponding option in the advanced settings.


  • ValeriaGoncharova
    Hi NatalieGreen! In any case, the Geosoft plugin creates a temporary file next to the map or next to the lyr (if it was created using the plugin and contains Geosoft grids). This is not a problem when using data locally. Problems arise when placing Materials on a network resource. This folder is not protected and may allow other users to delete or damage data. What is disturbing is that the map changes the date every time it is accessed. Only one user can access the map at a time. It seems to me that the best solution would be to change the path to the temporary file being created (*geotmp.maptmp). I'm trying to figure out if this is possible in principle and where?
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