How to detect Geosoft install in GX_NET

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I have an application using GeoEngine.Core.GXNet and Geosoft.Desktop.GXNet. It works fine on a system with Oasis Montaj installed, but freezes on "_pGeo = new CGX_NET(....);" on a system without a Geosoft install.

The application has non-Geosoft functionality that needs to work on machines that aren't running any Geosoft/Seequent software. I'd like to check for this during run-time rather than during installation. Is there a function in the wrapper DLLs that can check for a valid Montaj install, or do I need to check the registry or some other system info in order to discover this?


Bob Cram


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    And if there's a good answer, some C# sample code would be greatly appreciated.

    -- Bob