ArcGIS publish service for Geosoft Grids


I am using ArcMap 10.7.1 and have installed the Geosoft plug-in for ArcGIS as well. I am able to view Geosoft Grids within ArcMap without any issues. But when I try to publish a service (Mapping or WMS) the services gets published but the Geosoft Grid layer is not published and not part of the legend.

Any help on this is appreciated, as my requirement is publish Geosoft Grid layers via ArcGIS.

Thank you
Rohit Kumar Sinha


  • DarrenAndrews3
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    @RohitSinha I don't think that the Geosoft grid format is supported when publishing to WMS. Therefore you would need to convert the Geosoft grid to an alternative raster or image format. There is a geoprocessing tool inside ArcMap called "Raster To Other Format (multiple)" which you can use to convert the Geosoft grids, you can convert multiple grids at once using this tool.
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