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Does there exist a simple example that creates a new database, adds a line, adds some channels, and puts some data in them? The example programs in GitHub include the following:
1 - NewGDB - Create a new DB, and do nothing with it - Don't set any symbols or add any data.
2 - Add chan - Open an existing DB, and edit some data in it.
3 - OMScript - Run a script

I don't find examples that bridge between step 1 and step 2, actually putting some structure into the new DB. I am trying to build an export facility from another program, to create and populate a new Geosoft DB.

I'd appreciate pointers to any examples.

-- Bob


  • JosephCaluag2
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    Hi Bob,

    I don't think we have any .NET examples, we do have a collection of examples here written in GXC.

    Below is sample code that will create a line, add channels and add some data in those channels.
    var edb = CEDB.LoadNew(szName);
    var db = edb.Lock();
    var newLine = db.CreateSymb("L1", DB_SYMB_TYPEConstant.DB_SYMB_LINE, DB_OWNConstant.USER, DB_CATEGORY_LINEConstant.FLIGHT);
    db.LockSymb(newLine, DB_LOCKConstant.READWRITE, DB_WAITConstant.INFINITY);
    var xChan = db.CreateSymb("X", DB_SYMB_TYPEConstant.DB_SYMB_CHAN, DB_OWNConstant.USER, DB_CATEGORY_CHANConstant.DOUBLE);
    db.LockSymb(xChan, DB_LOCKConstant.READWRITE, DB_WAITConstant.INFINITY);
    var yChan = db.CreateSymb("Y", DB_SYMB_TYPEConstant.DB_SYMB_CHAN, DB_OWNConstant.USER, DB_CATEGORY_CHANConstant.DOUBLE);
    db.LockSymb(yChan, DB_LOCKConstant.READWRITE, DB_WAITConstant.INFINITY);
    var dataChan = db.CreateSymbEx("array_sample", DB_SYMB_TYPEConstant.DB_SYMB_CHAN, DB_OWNConstant.USER, DB_CATEGORY_CHANConstant.DOUBLE, 3);
    db.LockSymb(dataChan, DB_LOCKConstant.READWRITE, DB_WAITConstant.INFINITY);
    using (CVV xVV = CVV.Create(GEO_VARConstant.GS_REAL, 0))
    using (CVV yVV = CVV.Create(GEO_VARConstant.GS_REAL, 0))
    using (CVA dataArrayVA = CVA.Create(GEO_VARConstant.GS_REAL, 5, 3))
       for (int i = 0; i < 5; ++i)
          xVV.SetReal(i, 10.0 * (i + 1));
          yVV.SetReal(i, 1000.0 * (i + 1));
          var rand = new Random();
          for (int j = 0; j < 3; ++j)
             dataArrayVA.SetReal(i, j, rand.NextDouble());
       db.PutChanVV(newLine, xChan, xVV);
       db.PutChanVV(newLine, yChan, yVV);
       db.PutChanVA(newLine, dataChan, dataArrayVA);
    db.SetXYZChan(DB_CHAN_SYMBOLConstant.DB_CHAN_X, "X");
    db.SetXYZChan(DB_CHAN_SYMBOLConstant.DB_CHAN_Y, "Y");
    if (db != null) db.UnLockAllSymb();
    if (edb != null && edb.iIsLocked() == 1) edb.UnLock();
    db = null;
    edb = null;
    I hope this helps.
  • RobertCram
    Thank you, Joseph.