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The help file for the GXDotNet repository on GitHub says to use the MSBuild Extension Pack to set up a development environment, and provides a link to a web site for that pack.

The domain has expired, and the web site is no longer available. There exists a GitHub repository for the project, where one can presumably get the source code for the tool, build it, and install it. Unfortunately, the only current documentation seems to be an index page that says "Docs in Progress".

Is there a different way either to obtain the tool, or to set up equivalent functionality in Visual Studio? I do not find the extension in the Visual Studio extension marketplace.


  • JosephCaluag2
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    Hi Bob,

    The link should be updated to point to Thank you and we'll make sure to update it.

  • RobertCram
    Thank you, Joseph. I ended up going into the project and messing around with dependencies and references, and got the project to work. I speak only for myself, but given a choice I'd prefer having the specific setup requirements documented, over having a script do the job for me; the time spent setting up the environment is usually tiny compared to the project's main work, and it educates me about what's really going on. IMO.