Ground Unite Vs Estimate depth

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Hi Guys,

I have a question while applying Montaj to do some upward continuation and would like to ask you about it.

Do you know how to transfer the ground unite to estimate depth.

In the upward continuation, I chose the ground unite around 0.1, but what is 0.1 ground unite means interms of continuation depth, how could I konw the depth that I continuated??

This have puzzle me for a while, any help will be greatly appreciated!



  • AndrewFitzpatrick1
    it should be units of the dataset- I'm guessing you're using geodetic (Degrees) rather than UTM or equivalent (in metres)- so you may want to reproject
  • DarrenAndrews
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    Hello @JiangyuLi as Andrew says, because your grid is a statewide (Queensland) it's likely that the ground units of that grid are degrees, so you have a couple of options:

    1. Keep the current coordinate system for the grid and use a degrees to metres converter to calculate the appropriate continuation distance to enter (in degrees).
    2. Reproject the grid to a projected coordinate system (in your case GDA94, MGA zone 55 might be best), in which the ground units are metres; then the continuation distance will be in metres. Instructions on how to reproject a grid in Oasis montaj are provided in this article:


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  • JiangyuLi
    Hi Andrew and Darren, thanks so much for your reply, now I got it!

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