How to label lines

Dear All
I have ground magnetic data in CSV and imported and plotted (gridding) using Geosoft, now I want to label the lines, to be specific eastings would be line numbers since the survey was carried N-S. Anyone know how to label the lines??


  • DarrenAndrews
    @MwapeSomanje you can plot line data in Oasis montaj from a selected Geosoft database using the "Line Path" option from the Map Tools menu (Map Tools Menu>>Line Path). The tool gives you several different labelling options but all are based on the line number. Therefore if you wanted to use Eastings for the label you would need to change the line numbers in the database to Easting coordinates. You can edit line numbers in databases by right-clicking in the master cell of the database (highlighted in the image below) and selecting the "Edit" option.
    Darren Andrews
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  • MwapeSomanje
    Thank you very much