Drift correction Module in 9.6 version


I am currently using Oasis montaj 9.6 version. Could you please assist me with drift correction module. I can not find it under Gravity tab.Please assist me how to apply drift correction in 9.6 version.

Please see attached snapshot.


Vikas Gupta


  • GaudPouliquen
    Hi @VikasGupta, we've update the gravity correction in 9.5: https://my.geosoft.com/downloads/oasis-montaj/update/oasis-montaj-95
    In the Gravity menu, go to Gravity Corrections and you'll have access to the corrections.
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  • ScottSmith
    RE: Drift Correction. I think what Vikas may be asking is the same issue a few of us are having. In the old versions (9.4 and earlier) we were able to 'click' 'Drift Correction' and your gravity file would be drift corrected. Now, it seems this has been streamlined and in the streamlining process we have lost the ability to perform drift corrections after making edits to the Locations database. I have tried to explain this in numerous emails but have not received a satisfactory answer so I am trying on this forum.

    In the new work flow, Location data needs to be created or appended BEFORE importing the gravity survey. IF ALL the locations are included and IF ALL the locations are correct then when we import the gravity file it AUTOMATICALLY merges and gives drift corrected data. However, if there are a few locations missing or if a few edits need to be made at a later date, then one has to RE-IMPORT the gravity field in order to merge the locations and gravity data. This really sucks if we spend a lot of time editing the gravity file because in order to merge with the updated or edited locations we have to RE-IMPORT the gravity file a lose all the edits we made to that file.

    DRIFT CORRECTION needs to be a separate step that can be done independently any time after the locations file has be edited.