Copy array channel between database

How I can copy an array channel to other database?


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    Hi @geosoftdehispa, try using "cross database channel lookup".
    1. Select the database you want to merge the array channel into.
    2. Database Tools > Database Utilities > Cross database channel lookup.
    3. Select the database that has the original array channel as the Lookup database.
    4. Reference channel = must be the same name in both channels (time, flag, fiducial), as well as matching the reference channel in both databases, it looks for the same line numbers in both databases.
    5. Data channel = the array channel you want to copy.
    6. Lookup method can be an exact match in the reference channel or nearest for example.
    I hope that helps! Let me know if that doesn't work.

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  • Yes, that work. Thank you.
    I'm trying to do a section, but the software don't recognize the depth field.
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    There is a tool to make a depth channel from the array data.

    Database Tools > Array Channels > Create Depth Channel.

    Try that and see if it matches the depth channel you currently have.
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  • That channel don't will be a real channel.
  • That depth channel, How it's calculate?
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    Can you use it to check your real depth channel? For example:
    1. All values are positive?
    2. It's in array format?
    3. There are the same number of depths per row as the matching array data channel?
    The depth channel is created by looking at how many elements you have in the data array, then you tell it how the depth should be assigned per array element. If it's linear for example, you tell it which depth to start at and the increment. The other options are explained in the help file here:
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  • In the Depth array field don't apear my depth array channel.
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    This could be that the size of your data array doesn't match the size of the depth array.

    If I have a data array with ten elements for example, it will only allow me to select a depth array that also has 10 elements. Any other Depth array does not show up in the drop down list.

    To double check, right-click on each of your array channels and click Edit. Then check "size".
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  • Yes that's the case. How can I fix it?
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    1. Create a new array channel whose size is the same as the biggest one you already have (depth or data?)

    Right-click on an empty channel header > Click New > Give it a new name > Change Array size to match the biggest array you have between the current depth and array data channel.

    2. Copy the smaller of the two existing array channels into the bigger array channel you created in step 1.

    Database tools > Channel Tools > Copy channel.

    It shouldn't change the smaller array, but in the background the channel array sizes look the same and you should be able to select the array channel when making a section grid and see the matching depth channel.

    Alternatively, if you created the depth array from the tool I mentioned before (Database Tools > Array Channels > Create Depth Channel. ) you wouldn't have this problem because the number of depths would match the array data. I'm not sure what the section will look like if you have fewer depths than array data. But give it a try and let me know!
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    The software don't let me do the last step.
    I can create the depth channel(Database Tools > Array Channels > Create Depth Channel) but have a too rare behavior, comparated with other depth channel with diferent array size. (see figure)