PDF export error: Can't associate GeoTIFF datum with OGC PDF datum: 6248 datum code

Hi, I'm getting the following error when trying to export a pdf from the Map > Export dialog...

"The coordinate system could not be converted by the PDF3D SDK because:

"Can not associate the following predefined GeoTIFF datum with OGC PDF datum: 6248 (datum code)".

The PDF has been created without any geospatial reference.


After seeing that I tried to export as JPG but the resulting file when printed doesn't actually measure up to scale which is frustrating. PDF's we have do in fact print to scale and the files are smaller so I'm aiming to fix that problem. I'm actually the IT guy helping the geologist try to troubleshoot this problem and am not entirely familiar with what's going on. I think I understand the PDF creation error (conversion from geotiff to ogc datum) but not how to rectify the issue.

Any help is appreciated.

(also if anyone knows why the jpgs don't print to scale on our HP DesignJet 800 it'd be nice to solve both these issue!)

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