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Unable to install Geosoft 9.6. The only application that install is Geosoft viewer


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    Hi @NamcorNamcor, did you manage to get the full licensed version of Oasis montaj installed? The first thing to check is that you can see your Geosoft Subscription in My Geosoft.
    1. While you are signed in to My Geosoft
    2. Click on My Services > My Subscriptions.
    If you can see your subscription try the following on your computer:
    1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
    2. Right-click on Geosoft Desktop Applications
    3. Click Change
    4. Click Add/Remove Applications
    5. Check the box for Oasis montaj under Licensed applications
    6. Click Add/Remove.
    Let us know if you are still struggling to get the full version installed.

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