PB writing GX extensions with Python - does not import matplotlib

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Hello, I have some issues trying to write GX extensions with Python.
In fact, it seems that it is not possible to import matplotlib packages, nor PyQT5 packages.
Is it a known limitation or can I try to fix it?
It seems to me that it has to do with the “backend” choice, but I’m not sure and do not know that domain well…

More precisely:
the import matplotlib seems to work well (I can use matplotlib.use('Qt5agg') for example)
but then what causes an error (in the geosoft environment) is for example:

from matplotlib import pyplot
The message I get in Oasis Montaj is the following:
module'matplotlib' has no attribute 'pyplot'

the same is happening with PyQt5. I can import PyQt5 but not use from PyQt5.QtGui import QIcon for example

If you can give me any advice or help, it will be very welcome!


  • françoisjanod
    I'm stuck with this import limitation.

    Does anybody already encountered some problem using some package in a gx extension?

    Thanks again for help
  • françoisjanod
    Not very elegant, but handled the problem using a wrapper py file like that:

    def rungx():
    os.system(r'py -3.6 "Pathtomypyfile.py"')

    this prevent me from having some path definition problem and ensures my python file is working the same way either launched from geosoft menu or from spyder.
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