possible to get uncertainty in VOXI results?

I was wondering if it is possible, to get the covariance, error estimate or uncertainty estimates or similar with the VOXI inversion results, to aid in QC’ing as well as in the communication with non-geophysicist project partners? A good way to visualize uncertainty in the models and data would be awesome.


  • DarrenAndrews
    Hi @PeterHedin there is currently no way to view uncertainty or sensitivity within the 3D inversion result itself. You can however view the misfit (between the observed and predicted model data) in several ways. In my opinion, the easiest way to do is to generate a misfit grid in the following way:

    1. Display the inversion result in a 3D view (by right-clicking on the inversion result in VOXI). Set the filename prefix and 3D view name.
    2. The resultant 3D view will contain grids containing the measured/observed data "(file prefix)_Measurement_Mag.grd" and predicted response from the model "(file prefix)_PREDICTED". These grids will also be listed in the Project Explorer
    3. Use grid math (go to the Grid and Image menu, then select "Grid Math) to subtract the predicted response grid from the measured response grid to produce a grid that shows misfit across the area of interest.

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    Darren Andrews
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