cannot run dispgeo.mxb while an application is already running

I recently tried to install Geosoft to my computer. I use MapInfo and did not realize the Geosoft plug-in was already installed somewhere.

Now when I open MapInfo I am prompted to sign in to Geosoft and then I get the error message "Cannot run dispgeo.mxb while an application is already running".

I would like to get rid of the error message and not be asked to sign into Geosoft every time I open MapInfo.



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    Hi @moniqueruhl, please try the following:

    1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
    2. Right-click on Geosoft Connect > Click Uninstall

    When you launch MapInfo the first time after uninstalling Geosoft Connect, it will automatically reinstall and ask you to sign-in. All our applications require you to be signed in to run them. However once signed in, it should keep you signed in. You can even close Geosoft Connect, as long as you don't click sign out. The repeat sign in requests may be due to the error message.

    Let me know if you get the same error or any others after uninstalling Geosoft Connect.
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