How can I show gravity anomaly map, magnetic anomaly map and geology maps in 3D view to understand the anomaly pattern?


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    Hi @PankajKumarDas, you can drape these grids over am elevation map in the 3D viewer.

    1. From within the 3D Viewer go to Add to 3D > Relief Surface.
    2. The Surface relief grid will be your elevation grid
    3. The colour image/grid will be either the gravity, mag, or geology you want draped over the elevation.

    You may have to set different transparencies of each after displayed, to see them at the same time. I'm not sure if that's what you are trying to achieve though. It will still be difficult to see all three in the same location, so you may have to turn them on and off from the 3D manager.
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  • PankajKumarDas
    Thank you very much
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