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Please find attached file and suggest how to display such in strip log.


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    Hi @AmitPatel, We can create a similar strip log with profiles displayed with a log scale. Here's an example:

    The option to display profiles or bar plots with a log scale in a strip log only exists when you have From/To data. If you are working with point data (measurement at a depth), like a LAS file for example, you need to export your data and create from/to channels and reimport the data in the correct format.

    1. Export your point data.
    Database > Export CSV > All channels > Include dummies = yes > Include channel names = yes >Include line names as data = yes.
    2. Open CSV in Excel.
    3. Copy the DH_Depth column into 2 new columns (DH_From, DH_To).
    4. Add a zero to the top of the DH_From column so it shifts all the numbers down one cell.

    5. Import your new CSV to your drillhole project as From/To.

    When you recreate the strip log with a profile or bar plot you should now see a log option:

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