If I want to display particular interval in fence diagram, is there any possibility as exists in strip log?

Also how to plot a drillhole from desired depth instead of hole top in fence diagram?


  • BeckyBodger
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    Hi @AmitPatel, unfortunately the option to only display an interval does not exist in Fence diagrams. I can log a request to add this feature like it exists in Strip Logs. A work around I think would be to create an additional hole in your collar database with the RL and total depth being the interval you want to display in the fence diagram.

    To plot the drillhole from a desired depth instead of top of hole in Fence diagrams can be done using the Map Scale Reference Elevation under the Fence Diagram Tab. This will set where the top of the map intersects the drillholes and will be the same elevation for all displayed drillholes in the fence diagram.

    I hope that helps.

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  • AmitPatel
    Thank you for your valuable support. I'll surely try about ref.elevation and let you know. But i would be looking forward to add the feature as in strip log.
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