Can't open a project

Hi I have being working on a project using my laptop.
When later at my working place I tried to open the project again (I take it on a portable HD) OASIS prompted:
"Error seeking file: Name_of_the_file.gpf at offset (983040) from origin (0). Failure type seek out of range".
If I press ENTER then:
"Error in storage : Name_of_the_file.gpf (Internal error 0x80030109). The project may already be open in another running Montaj session".

Let me tell you that if I try to load it again but from my laptop the situation is pretty the same.


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    Hi @manuelcatalán, if you transferred the project from it's original folder make sure you grabbed all the associated files and didn't leave any behind. Also I wouldn't work from a portable hard drive. Try transferring the entire project to your workplace computer. Also I would recommend always zipping your working files before transferring them, this can help prevent them becoming corrupt. If it became corrupt before you transferred (why it won't open on the original laptop), then I don't know what would have caused this.

    If it's just the *.gpf file that has become corrupt and won't open, you shouldn't have lost any work. You can create a new Project and reopen all the maps and databases from your previous project. You may have lost some project settings, but hopefully all the rest was saved.
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