Geosoft API Python 9.5.0

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I have the following error with 9.5.0. The same program and dataset was working fine with 9.4.0.
File "C:\Users\Marc\Documents\Logiciels\aeminv\aeminv\", line 45, in loadlinedata
self.time, ch, self.fid = self.dataparameters.gdb.read_line(linenumber, channels=[self.dataparameters.timechannel])
File "C:\Users\Marc\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\geosoft\gxpy\", line 1708, in read_line
ls = self.line_name_symb(line)[1]
File "C:\Users\Marc\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\geosoft\gxpy\", line 861, in line_name_symb
raise GdbException(_t('Line \'{}\' not found'.format(line)))
geosoft.gxpy.gdb.GdbException: Line 'L180' not found


  • IanMacLeod
    @MarcVallee1 I would first double-check that the line exists, though I assume you did that. Can you save this one line ("L180") to a new, small database and send to me and I'll have a quick look?
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