Import horizon section for 2,5D Gravity Modeling

I would like to know how to import horizon sections ( ascii) for 2,5D Modeling. I take this opportunity to ask how to make the model located
exactly in the imported section (horizon)


  • GerryConnard
    The easiest method is to first import your ASCII data into a Geosoft database using "Database |Import | ASCII...". Second, "mark" (i.e. select) the portion of the database line you want to use. You can select the entire line by left-clicking 2 times on any channel header. Then using the "GM-SYS Profile" menu, select "GM-SYS Profile | From Current Mark" to bring up this menu:

    Click on the "Horizons" button at the bottom to select the channels you want to import. Note that you need to specify the horizons in order from shallowest to deepest. Also note that the model will be created as a best-fit straight line as explained in the help for this dialog
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