Density values in voxi unusual

Dear Voxi user

I am new user in Voxi earth modeling and have some questions about it.

I have gravity data for inversion. I only have topo data to be used for sensor elevation as well as DEM grid, am I right?

Normal unconstraint inversion give me voxel file (V1) with data values as -46 to 23.7. Is that normal density or something else.

I did create Gradient weight using from V1 in EW, NS, and Vertical Gradient (VG). The three voxel files has ranges from 0 to 1 as data range......... I am still confused.

I summed the EW, SN, and VG voxi files to get Gradient Reference Model (GRM). it gives me new file with data range as 0 to 3... how it comes?

I used the above mentioned voxel files (EW, NS, and VG) to be constraint in the inversion, it give me new file with data as -685 and 2768.......... I expect to have density values less than that........

I guess there may be mistake, your help will be appreciated.




  • TaronishPithawala
    Hi @EssamAboud,

    Thanks for your interest in VOXI and for posting your question to the forum!

    We recommend upward continuing your potential field data so that the sensor clearance is at least 1 cell thickness above the DEM. This is to ensure a smoother numerical approximation to the potential field at the air-ground interface. If you have ground gravity data, we still recommend upward continuing.

    As for the use of gradient weighting and gradient reference models, it doesn't appear that these were used in the way that they were intended. I recommend watching this video in the Learning Path to find out more:

    Best of luck! Let us know how your modelling project goes!
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