RTP processing via Emag2 v3

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Please I Will like to know which IGRF model year and acquisition date are to use for RTP calculation parameters ( inclination and declination) of Emag2 V3 data
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    Hi @QUENTINANABAFOTZE when downloading the data from Seeker, when you get to your search results click on Emag2 then switch from Preview to Metadata:

    There is a link to where the Emag2 data comes from. Geosoft only hosts the data. I don't know much about this dataset, but on the website there is a PDF of the map and paper you can download.

    On the map itself, there's a section called "Processing Sequence", point 2 says: "From all original ship and airborne: Subtracted main and external fields as given by the Comprehensive Model (Sabaka et al., 2004).

    So possibly 2004? But they also mention substituting other models in for different areas from other years. I have not read the paper that's associated with this dataset and there's probably more info available.

    I hope that helps!

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  • Thanks a lot for your support.@beckybodger
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