Hardware questions on new build specifically for this software GPU/CPU/RAM etc. great budget

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Trying to select the best hardware for a build specifically for this software. Not a gaming rig.

If I am going to select GPU computing will a tesla or quadro series GPU be overkill? Is a single 1080ti more than enough? Go Dual 1080ti?

Would it be better to get the new AMD threaddripper 32 core 64 thread 3.0 w/ boost 4.2ghz and rely on cpu computing?

Would going threaddripper and workstation grade GPU make a tangible increase in the performance of the software?

Does the software just need large amounts of RAM (planning on 64gb), or is it also important to get fast RAM (ddr4 3600 class)? Will getting dd4 2400 make a difference? (it's $500 for 64gb instead of $1000 QUALITY ram)

Planning on dual m.2 2TB 970 EVOs

Other thoughts/comments/suggestions?

No budget, but it's pointless to get a hardcore machine for MS Excel, and I dont want to spend $6k if $1500 would have done the trick.

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  • OlegBrovko
    Hey Mat, I can see cash is not an issue :) with this new build but it really depends how much processing you going to do.

    I think, and I stand corrected, that the geosoft does take any advantage of the GPU's processing capacity, so it only uses it for rendering. This means that a single 1080Ti should do it perfectly, even for huge models. The only software that I've seen effectively implement it so far is MATLAB, with their use of the CUDA-enabled NVidia GPUs.

    Regarding the CPU, i'd go for the Threadripper but its personal pref. (you can aslo got for Intel's SkylakeX Core i9) I think AMD CPU's is great value for money and have great OC capacity, even first gen Threadripper with 16 cores with 32 threads will do well.

    RAM, going from 32 Gig DDR4 RAM to 64 Gig you not going to see that much performance difference, so rather invest in the decent board and M.2 - NVMe with sufficient capacity to run your applications (m.2 2TB 970 EVO's will be great for this setup).

    Have you thought about which board you going to get?
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