Extraction of a part of a grid

How can I extract a part of a grid?


  • DarrenAndrews
    @PankajKumarDas, you can window a grid using a polygon file. Please review the following articles from our My Geosoft support page:

    1 - How to create a Geosoft polygon file:

    2 - How to window a grid using a polygon file:

    When executing the second workflow, you should choose to mask the area OUTSIDE the extent of the polygon file, and also select YES for the "Minimize the size of the output grid" option. When you theses options, the output grid will be limited to the extent of the polygon file that you define.

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  • PankajKumarDas
    Thank you Sir
  • TomPopowski
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    You may also use the "Window a Grid" function (Grid and Image > Utilities > Window a Grid...), which allows you to create a "window" of a larger grid by specifying Min/Max X & Y limits.
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